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Our Story

Lovebud Hemp Infused Skincare Story
The Lovebud Mission

We believe in the cannabis revolution and educating our customers on the benefits of the magical hemp plant. While our products can only transform you on a skin-deep level, we aim to inspire, encourage and empower our users with education. Lovebud is working to break down the barriers of cultural stigma that have cast a shadow on the natural wellness and therapeutic properties that this plant has to offer. 

We are dedicated to remaining a cruelty-free and vegan company, no animal should suffer for our beauty.

About the Founder

Founded by Becky Adam, a cosmetic chemist by training, Becky worked for a cosmetics supplier formulating products that were sold to larger cosmetic companies. She noticed that the bigger companies preferred cheap chemical ingredients with longer shelf lives over more expensive, natural ingredients. 

Lovebud began as a passion project out of Becky's kitchen. She began working on her own line that incorporated natural ingredients that produce real results. 

Lovebud Founder Becky Adam