Why Do We Wake Up with Puffy Eyes?

May 18, 2018 2 Comments

Some mornings, you wake up, look in the mirror, and wonder who you had a boxing match with last night…and lost. Puffy eyes can be the result of several factors, including what you eat and how you sleep. Understanding why your eyes are swollen can prevent that moment of shock when you look in the mirror in the morning. 

Why so Swollen?

Puffy eyes and dark circles are usually more prevalent in the morning, because we don’t blink during the night. Swelling around the eyes happens because of an excess of fluids in the surrounding skin tissue. And because the skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive, puffiness can be quite noticeable. 

Causes of Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes are common because they can occur for a variety of reasons, from environmental factors to health issues. Some of the more common reasons are as follows:

Sodium: You knew you should not have had the entire bag of potato chips. Too much salt causes the body to retain water.

Alcohol: Alcohol causes blood vessels to dilate, resulting in fluid accumulation under the eyes.

Dehydration: Increase your water intake to flush out fluid in the body.

Fatigue: You are not doing your eyes a favor by binge-watching shows on Netflix until the wee hours. Not getting enough shut-eye (no pun intended) affects the level of inflammation in the body.

Allergies or sinus issues:  When the body’s immune system reacts to a foreign substance like pollen or dust, histamine that is released causes the blood vessels in the eyes to swell.

Age: As we get older, the collagen fibers around the eyes get weaker, which leads to the fat pads under them to protrude, giving the appearance of swollen eyes.

Stress: Stress can increase cortisol and change the salt balance in the body.   Crying makes the puffiness worse.

Eye infection/conjunctivitis: An infection will cause the eye to become red and swollen, and sometimes itchy or painful.

Pregnancy: Hormone fluctuations can cause puffy eyes. Like other parts of the body, a pregnant woman’s eyelids can retain water.

Depending on the cause, puffy eyes can also be associated with other symptoms such as redness, dark circles, discomfort, irritation, or blurry vision.

What to Do?

You can help prevent puffy eyes by drinking adequate fluids throughout the day, reducing salt in your diet, and getting enough sleep. Many times, puffy eyes will resolve on their own as the days goes on. But who can wait around for that to happen?  For those mornings when you have indulged a bit too much the night before, or didn’t get a full night of sleep, our Puff Puff Past Eye Cream is the answer. It will banish your under-eye puffiness and with natural hemp plant oils and anti-inflammatory agents such as arnica and green tea seed oil, leaving you looking refreshed and ready to start the day. 

Lovebud - Puff Puff Past Under Eye Cream

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N.K. Sharma
N.K. Sharma

October 02, 2018

My age is 57, I always facing puffy eye or sticky eye when i wake up. This is about 50% retain throughout the day. Can i get rid it.


August 27, 2018

I often have a problem with puffiness under my eyes and puffy eyelids. I was hoping Dermalmd would reduce or eliminate the puffiness since other products I’ve tried haven’t. I’ve been very pleased with the results; puffiness above and below my eyes is much reduced when I use dermalmd serum, which is now every morning and evening.
I think it’s also used for dark circles, but fortunately, I don’t have them!

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