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Understanding the Difference Between Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes and Eye Bags

October 16, 2018

The terms dark circles, puffy eyes and eye bags are often used interchangeably, however, they actually refer to different afflictions of the eye area.

Dark Circles

Dermatologists distinguish that the main causes for dark circles are genetics and skin tone. The skin under the eye is thin and susceptible to becoming translucent, this can allow the underlying veins to show through and cause the area to look purple or bluish. People with fair skin tend to have more apparent dark circles than those with darker skin tones. However, people with darker skin tones are still susceptible in getting dark circles. Sometimes dark circles are produced by excess pigment surrounding the eye area, which leads to a general dark tone around the eye.

People with hollow eyes are more susceptible to showing dark circles, those less subcutaneous fat supporting the area under the lower lid. Another factor that causes dark circles to appear is lack of sleep which increases venous congestion. This is a fluid build-up that leads to stagnant blood in the superficial blood vessels.

 Determining the cause of the dark circles will help you determine the right path to getting rid of them.

Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes are caused by temporary swelling. Common triggers of puffiness are seasonal allergies, consuming salty foods, dehydration and lack of sleep. Puffiness can arise from dehydration, which can cause your body to retain water and leads to facial swelling. Lack of sleep makes puffy eyes worse, too, because of the pooling of fluid in the area. Puffiness often gets better throughout the day, being worse in the morning and lessening as the fluid naturally drains.

Eye Bags

Eye bags are known to be a normal sign of aging and often genetic. They are distinctive under-eye pouches caused by a combination of fat herniation and skin laxity.



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