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Why Women Are Turning To Seed Cycling To Save Their Periods

August 28, 2018

A new trend has emerged amongst women who are attempting to regulate and reduce the severity of their monthly menstrual cycles, and it’s called seed cycling. Our menstrual cycles are regulated by two key hormones: estrogen and progesterone. The first half of your cycle can be marked by rising estrogen levels, the second half of your cycle sees progesterone levels rising and estrogen levels slowly going down. An imbalance between these hormones during the cycle can contribute to emotional and physical symptoms such as PMS, painful cramps, breakouts and irregular cycles just to name a few.

Seed cycling is a technique that helps your body naturally re-balance hormone levels by rotating different seeds (flax, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower) into your diet at different times during the cycle.  The concept is simple and is the theory is that eating different seeds at different points of your cycle that may help balance hormone levels, thus helping to regulate your period. While the results are not scientifically proven, even if seed cycling doesn’t work you’re still going to be eating seeds full of essential fatty acids that your body loves, so why not give it a try?

Here is what seed cycling looks like:

Days 1 (the first day of your period)-13: Boost estrogen levels by eating 1 tablespoon of either flax or pumpkin seeds daily. 

Flax seeds contain lignans, which assist in binding excess estrogen to eliminate it from the body. Lignans are also recognized for their ability to help protect against hormone-related cancers. 

Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, which supports progesterone levels.

Days 13-28: Boost progesterone levels by eating 1 tablespoon of sesame or sunflower seeds daily. This period is your ovulation and luteal phases.

Sesame seeds contain lignans that block excess estrogen

Sunflower seeds are high in selenium, which supports hormone balance.



Disclaimer: Always consult a doctor or medical practitioner before starting a new diet plan. Do not try seed cycling if you are allergic to the seeds listed.

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